Blackjack Tournament Strategy

Winning a Blackjack tournament requires more sports betting strategy than just playing Blackjack.


When you play a single game of blackjack, you don’t care about the number of chips your opponents have. During a tournament, the dealer is no longer your only opponent; you also play against other players. The goal is to have more chips than the other players in each game. The number of hands per game being predetermined, you must put in place a strategy allowing you to win in the short term.


Blackjack aggression


If good, slightly more conservative, and defensive players have the potential to win a lot of money in blackjack with a basic strategy, they rarely win in these tournaments.


Aggressive players, by definition, have more potential to win more money, faster. And that’s all that matters in a tournament: if you don’t have more chips at the end of the game, you won’t participate in the next round. So bet big or get ready to leave the table faster than expected.


If you can start each game by having at least the same number of chips as your opponents, then you will manage to be in relation to them throughout the round according to your winnings or your losses. During the game, you will have to adapt your strategy according to your number of chips and that of other players.


If you are behind your competitors and the end of the round is approaching, you will have to play more aggressively to hope to get ahead or at least avoid being eliminated. Conversely, if you know yourself ahead, play a little more carefully to reduce your risk of loss.


The Counter Strategy


Another common strategy among great blackjack tournament players is called “The Contrarian Strategy.”


This strategy is to bet the opposite of what your opponents are going to bet. For example, if the other players on the table tend to bet big, then you will be playing very carefully, with small bets. Facing more defensive competitors, you will rather take bigger risks and bet more aggressively.


Even if this strategy is not demonstrated mathematically, its supporters defend it by claiming that it will make you either win more or lose less than your opponents.


Blackjack elimination tournaments


Even if you’ve considered yourself a blackjack expert for a long time now, elimination blackjack tournaments are an entirely different exercise. They indeed have a number of rules and strategies that you need to master.


The most radically new element that you have to deal with is the “eliminating hands”. During an elimination blackjack tournament, the eliminatory hands come out regularly (for example, during hands 8, 16, 25 out of a total of 30 hands – fairly common configuration).


No matter when these eliminatory hands appear, their function remains the same. The player with the lowest number of chips at the end of this hand is simply ousted from the game. In addition, if the player’s number of chips is insufficient to place the minimum bet, the player is also eliminated. Cruel, isn’t it?


The second innovative rule in elimination blackjack tournaments is the introduction of a time limit when making a decision.


In a “normal” hand, you have up to 25 seconds to draw, split, double, or give up. During an elimination hand, the time limit allotted to you only rises to 10 seconds … We already see you sweat!


This very special format of elimination blackjack tournaments has the main purpose: to increase the pressure and the rhythm until one of the players cracks. It also means that this kind of tournament is not necessarily suitable for all blackjack players.


Those who prefer a slower, more thoughtful gaming experience should avoid elimination blackjack and stick to traditional blackjack.


On the other hand, players whose objective is to participate one day in televised tournaments with high stakes will particularly appreciate tournaments by elimination, which will enable them to progressively rise to a high level. Not only will you improve your playing skills and instincts, but you will even learn to manage pressure in a dynamic environment.


Applying the basic blackjack strategy also becomes much more difficult when playing against the clock, and when the risk of elimination increases with each hand.


In blackjack, you control the odds. By following the basic Blackjack strategy, your advantage is around 1%, and if you count the cards, you can even take the house advantage. If you don’t play smart, however, you might as well give all your money directly to the casino. It is not uncommon to see players (tipsy?) Stop at 10 or continue at 20, giving the house an advantage of almost 3 figures. There are also more common mistakes that can happen to everyone, such as dividing the 10 when the dealer has a 6 or stopping at 16 when the dealer has 8, giving the casino too big an advantage.


So what are you waiting for? If you feel ready, don’t hesitate any longer to take part in these elimination blackjack tournaments!

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